Friday, 27 February 2009

Leaflet Design and Printing Business

It is the day and the age of leaflets. So many are knocking around as advertisements that there must be a massive demand for a little business in designing, printing and distribution these leaflets.

There are many business that rely on rely on leaflet distribution to get the word out about their company. It is a reasonably cheap form of advertising and very effective as the market they distributed to is a direct and targeted for these types of business. They serve to inform prospective customers of their good and services and business will always look for new sources as this service is more than useful.

How do you get started?
The first step is to research what types of leaflets are around right now. Not only will this give you a good insight as to what is expected of you, but there should be lots of ideas floating around that you can pick up on.

There is lots of software around that design leaflets, use the free trial offers they give on them before you commit yourself to buying. There should be enough to choose from, it's not always the case that the most expensive is the best.

Once you have the software, you need to get a bit of practice in, not only with this improve you skills, but the stuff you produce can be used as examples when approaching businesses for work - You are effectively building a portfolio.

Printing out the leaflets needs to be done professionally and some contact with printing companies needs to be set up. Get a variety of companies and compare prices and deal they can make you. Every town and city should have a printing company that can deal with small and large orders from software. Most business can be conducted online nowadays so you don't even need to travel to order. You should always ask for a sample to be made up before going to full press.

Advertise on all the free mediums you can find online and in national publications, it's hard work but once you have you ads in place you should be getting enquiries more or less immediately. As for distribution, you can offer this service to be done by yourself of on a sub-contract basis if too big to manage locally. There are many companies that specialise in distribution, including the post office who have special rates. Again it really depends on the leaflet type, the number and the distribution target areas.

Finally, tell clients that it would be a good idea to offer some kind of printed discount voucher to get the best response and increase sales. A good result would mean satisfied clients will return again and again to use your service.


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