Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Money From Handwashing Cars

Money From Handwashing CarsDo you remember Bob-A-Job? This used to be a day where cubs and scouts up and down the country went knocking on door offering to do jobs for a shilling which 12d in old sterling currency and about the equivalent of 5p nowadays. A good way of helping people and a good way of getting funds for the cubs and scouts. This no longer happens as society has changed, knocking on door and trusting young kids to do jobs for you is too much of a risk and open to abuse.

Money From Handwashing CarsThere is no reason why a small car washing business can't be made on the same principle. It would need a little preparation initially, no cold calling, but with a little warming up it can be quite effective.

If someone knows you are going to call at their home, they will treat you differently to a cold caller. This is the secret of this money making idea with local customers. If you turn the Bob-a-Job principle into a Fiver-a-Job for a car wash there is big potential there - And you don't need to be a cub or a scout to do it.

Money From Handwashing CarsA fiver for a car wash is a good deal, especially done by hand and on the spot. Most homes have a hose all you need to provide is the the bucket a stiff brush, chamois leather, sponge and washing up liquid. You can offer a wax polish for an extra fiver and an inside valet for yet another fiver. It is handy if you have a hand vacuum - These work very well.

All you need to start up this business is post flyers with your offer. Make it attractive and give all you contact details. It is a good idea to advertise an introductory offer of say £3 for the first wash or £10 for three washes this offer will give you a regular trip to this home and may well lead on to a regular job with referrals if you do please them.


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