Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Choosing Your Business Location - It's Important

Choosing Your Business Location - It's ImportantWhere you work has been chosen for a reason, it may be simply a little section your bedroom or a big industrial warehouse. Wherever and whatever your business premises is, when you business starts off it was the most appropriate at the time, but things change, your business may have expanded, or perhaps during a recession it has had to be cut. Whatever the circumstance yo may need to think again about where you run your business as you current location now is not as appropriate as it was before.

Choosing Your Business Location - It's ImportantLocation is the most important aspect to many businesses whether you're downsizing or expanding, finding a right location that not only will suits you and your business, but your staff and your customers. The location will also affect your suppliers.

Do your research as to the best location and once found ask yourself how you're going to fund it. Flexible business mortgages can help although it is getting harder to get credit right now, so if you do you know that the bank or financial institution will deem you as a low risk.

There is the option of leasing or renting your business premises, make sure you take advice before going into a contract. Look at how long you want to be tied in for, who know what lies ahead even looking forward a year, the problems in today's business world could worsen.

Say you want to relocate before you contract ends, how do you stand with this on the contract? Check out whether there are any special grants available in your area, this normally applies to new businesses .but in a recession this may be extended to existing businesses.

Choosing Your Business Location - It's ImportantIf you're a very small company working from home, check with your accountant if you can claim business rate council tax or capital gains tax when you come to sell your home. This is good advice, which the tax office never willingly tell you about.

Finally remember, if you are searching for a shop, a nursing home, an office or even a factory, no matter how far you move, seek professional business advice from banking companies, it is usually a free support if you have an account there, besides that, they are only a phone call away.

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