Saturday, 14 February 2009

Get Paid To Write in Forums - No Work Offered

A quick way to make some money online. Simply take assignments to contribute to forums posts that have at least 12 words and you will get $.10 per post. Complete 50 forum posts in an hour and you will be making $5 an hour.

This is not a bad return at all considering all the other scams that are about. But is this a scam, is this a con? How can a blogger ever be ripped off if what has been described is true - and it is.

It is quite true, I registered within tow minutes form the normal procedure of an e-mail being sent for the site and you have to return via that message. All simple, straight forward and no problems with the registration. What happened, next?

I started getting suspicious when the home page was only a Google PR 1. If this is so easy, if this quick money on a promise, why isn't it at least a PR5 with the hoards of blogger who want o make easy money online?

It only took a split second to to realise that this site was just wasting my time. There were not jobs to be assigned. I knew straight away that this company had another blogger registered with them and that is all they are after. For the last three days I have logged into the site on several occasions and there still are no assignments waiting to be worked on. What a con.

The company is Content Current don't bother with them.

Incidentally, they also do a writing assignments option which also draws a blank!

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