Sunday, 8 February 2009

Women - Donate Eggs For Childless Couples and Profit

Women - Donate Eggs For Childless Couples and ProfitThere are some advantages being a woman, one that comes into play is the fact that they produce eggs. I'm talking about making money here from these. Many couples in this world can't have children, but would dearly like to. The donation of eggs is something that is in demand and lots of money is exchanged for this donation, while at the same time you are changing people's lives with the chance of children.

Many women now are applying to become egg donors, whether it is due to the recession and more money is needed or purely a conscious effort to help others is not known. Potential donors can contact their local doctor who can give them the contact of the nearest donor practice. In recent times the number of enquiries has almost doubled in some area.

The money suitable women can make out of this is substantial, we are talking in £1000's. The reason for this is that it is a long process to be selected as a donor. There are medical tests, not only physical, but psychological and you background is looked into and has to be deemed satisfactory. This process can last for 6 months before going ahead with the practice.

If you feel that you are a women who may fit the criteria and donate you eggs for money, check out some websites before approaching your doctor, this will give you the feel of what you have to go through to get the reward. It's not for everyone, but is is another money making idea that may appeal.


ray gratzner said...

Well being an egg donator is a new activities in the consatnt change of time, why not help other people? Happy Blogging

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Ray, Yes helping others seems a strange act in this day and age.