Saturday, 21 February 2009

Money Can Be Made From A Virtual Stock Market Game

There is money to be made on a virtual reality stock exchange, imagine managing $100,000 with your own virtual stock portfolio with real-time quotes competing against other traders. This is a game where you can gain skills and earn some real money.

UMOO is the leading fantasy Stock Market Game, offering the thrill and profit opportunity of the financial markets in a unique competitive format.

In order to enter a tournament of their choice you have to buy in and you will receive virtual money. This can be used to build up your virtual portfolios that is in real-time from stock market quotes in competitive. The risks are minimal and the opportunity is real.

The concept is simple enough, try to earn the highest returns on your portfolios. The competition is against others in real time situation. The winners are the traders with highest returns relative to the other traders in the tournament. Cash prizes are waiting to these winners. As well as the real time scenario, information research and reference tools are available to use on the UMOO platform. This will aid traders and help them make profitable decisions while trading.

A game that gives the trading skills experience which was built for fun, but also for profit. Not only in cash, but perhaps for reality trading experience.

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