Thursday, 26 February 2009

A New Weblog Community Aggregator

If you are trying to make money from a blog you need traffic and more people online who need to be aware that you're there. Ever heard of community aggregators? They are websites that are set up like a portal where groups of bloggers that have a common interest or genre can see other weblog posts.

This is really useful if you want to add your blog a blog aggregator hosting community that shares your interest and a place where you of course will gain more readers who refer to the source of the post that are fed.

It is new and free to sign on with this kind of community beginning to growing with its online presence. So if you want to increase your highly prized traffic which will be a quality visit, you may well want to try it out. I'm already a member with my posts being fed as I speak.

The name of the game is more traffic pointing to more dosh potential and that what this does, but your may find yourself enjoying the community there at the same time.

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