Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Money Blogging From Scratch

Do you already have a full time job? Do you still need more money on the side? Do you have an hour a day spare and an Internet connection to make some extra dosh? Well what are you waiting for, you have the potential for putting things in place that will lead to earning extra money? Start Blogging from scratch, it's fun as well rewarding - eventually.

Online, the world is your oyster, whatever topic or subject you can think of can bring in a little money for no outlay other than that one hour. You may not get anything for at least 3-4 months, but then what new home business gives out money on the first day?

I have given a 7 day guide to setting up your online business, the a longer term plan to carry on. You will pick lots of tips up along the way by yourself once you get started. The biggest hurdle is getting off the starting block and getting set up. Beyond this it is plain sailing.

Here we go...

Day 1
Before you do any work on you PC or laptop, you need to get your thinking cap on. Grab yourself a pen and paper and write down a few ideas on what things you like doing. It may be caring for a hamster or cooking, just write down a list of things that just appeal to you.

Day 2
Look at the list you have written and decide which would be liked by other people the most. Then whittle your list down to one single topic of activity

Day 3
You are on the computer now and find Word Press or Blogger or another blog medium that you can set up for free. Just give it a unique title based on your topic. I can set a new site on Blogger in less than five minutes, so this will take less than an hour. If you wish you can transfer it into your own domain for under £5 a year in most cases. You need to decide now as you will have to build you Google PR back up if you change it later. I would go ahead and do it, the cost is next to nothing and it can give you a more credential to your site.

Days 4
Find Google and make an account with them and register and verify you blog with them.

Days 5-6
Just fiddle around and get to know your blog and google, by experimenting with layouts and widgets

Day 7
Write and article on why you like the topic you have chosen and post it. I only need be around 300 words. If you feel clever enough, add pictures to accompany it. You now have a blog up and running and soon to be included in the Google search engines. - Well Done!

Every other day write and article on your subject. Make sure all your articles are spelt correctly by using spell check which should be included on you blog site. Also read it through and check that is has good grammar and makes sense. This is the pulling power of your business and has to be done well.

The days between can be spent tweaking and looking for similar topic based sites with a view of exchanging links and networking, this will build up your hits and raise you up the Google Ratings, the key to opening more doors.

After three months you will qualify for more blog directory insertions and be able to take on a few simple affiliate ads, this is where the money will dribble in initially. Don't do paid blogging advertisment such as Pay Per Post etc., you will lose traffic and Google will sting your PR rating. Adsense is a good idea at this point and will pick up regular revenue.

After 4 months you should have a decent Google PR 2 or even 3 rating if you have carried on with the article writing and building up links.

After six months the world is your oyster in terms of what you want to do with your blog. Advertising related companies that have something in common or more affiliates will increase you revenue.

You are now an establish blogger with an income, why not try another blog to run alongside it, you will have a head start as you can use you existing blog as a vehicle to get it off the ground quickly.


chubskulit said...

Very thorough and well done. I just hope that google won't sting my PR since I been doing Payperpost hehehe.. I thought you are a member from them too?

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Rose,
Yep, I am but you need to read the next post when it is published. Interesting development.

Dan said...

Hi Martin, which blog directories do you recommend registering for after 3 months of activity? And how do you start on affiliate ads? I don't want to pollute my blog with ugly ads, but the extra outside publicity would be great. Dan

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Dan, I hope you are well.
Thanks for you comment.
There are directories you can add to before three months, the rule is get into as many as you can. Just do a search for blog directories or look at other blogs to see where they have been listed. My blog has quite a few there is you want to use that as a references.
Affiliate ads aren't worth bothering with until you have racked up a bit of traffic. It really depends on the flavour of your site. Again there are thousands of affiliate opportunites, but it is prudent best to go for stuff in line with your blog theme and type of reader that it will attract. Don't worry about this just yet, get your blog in the directories and plug away at networking for now, the affiliates can wait a while.
the other trick as you well know is to continue to write excellent posts and a regualar basis. At least once or preferablt twice if yo can manage it. this will keep the ggodle spiders happy - and continue to use pictures to illustrate, that'll get brownie points for you.
Hope this helps.