Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Spottt - No Use To Me

Spottt, we've all seen the distinctive orange based 125 x 125 ads scattered around many blog sites. Just like many others it is basically a advertising medium where you get clicks onto your site for putting ads on your site, it's pretty simple really.

Now I've used this for the last six months on many of my sites and I can honestly say that it really isn't worth the space. 90% of the time it has their own spottt ad in place. Looking at my statistics, and this covers all five sites I had the ad on, I got on average about 3 clicks a month. This really is not worth the space you have to allocate this type of traffic promotion to your site.

In reality I could have spent less than five minutes on blog explosion and got twice the amount of clicks and use the space for other more practical ways of getting traffic. We all know that the material you write is the best way to gain regular traffic, but other methods to increase traffic, including ad swaps shows certainly can help. Choosing and effective medium is the secret to increased readership and traffic.

The whole point of this post is to tell bloggers who have spottt ads on their blogs to check their statistics and if like me they just don't deliver, put something else there instead.

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