Friday, 20 February 2009

All Work No Play - Not Good Business Sense

Making money is the name of the game, but sometimes we need a break. It is good for the system for the money making machine to shut down for a while for servicing. How can you do this?

It doesn't have to a couple of weeks abroad or a weekend retreat to a country cottage. It can just be a small short break from the routine is sometimes just as effective. You can simply go for a walk in a park, watch a bit of TV or even spend a bit of time with an Internet casino or computer games that are so popular right now. These types of things will give a good break and take you mind off business for a while.

Everyone needs to focus and retain concentration and to do this; the brain needs to be stimulated in a different direction. Then come back refreshed and with better focus on the job hand. If you look after your mental health then your business will become more organised and well thought through.

Business is important and making money is the name of the game. Taking the breaks to work more efficiently makes good business sense.

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