Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Get Rid Of Unwanted Email Subscriptions Equals More Free Time

Get Rid Of Unwanted Email Subscriptions Equals More Free Time

Time is money and much time is spent sieving through emails that you don’t really have any interest in. The main culprit is blog subscriptions through email. Ask yourself questions now. How many do you get each day and many of those do you actually open up and read? I can be sure that most you just delete every day.

Over time your subscriptions built up, but times change. You may have been interested in that blog subscription at the time, but not any more. It is now a good time to review and unsubscribe to those that are just wasting your time. Look at you current subscriptions and subject it to a little test to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

  • Do you just delete the subscription email each time?
  • Is the post too long for you to bother reading?
  • Is the content of the post just not good? i.e. poor content.
  • Are you reading a subscribed blog that is not relevant?
  • Does the grammar and spelling put you off reading it?

All these are factors you can weigh up and decide whether to unsubscribe. Be tough with yourself and you will save lots of time each time doing countless deleting in you email inbox and avoid opening up post that you know you will be disappointed in. You can then free up this time doing something far more constructive.

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Sandy said...

A good point, so many blogs have subscription options, some in fact have the mail one, the reader one, and it seems I've seen a 3rd one. I don't subscripe to any. I'm able to see who's made a new post with my friends thing on blogspot, but often don't really use it. I'm also able to see who's updated via my blog roll which I use all the time. I often just work right down my list when visiting blogs. I'm also able to see who's updated something of interest while doing my drops, the title will catch my eye, or generally the picture does.

Plus since I always, always always visit everyone who leaves a comment on my blog I get to read their blogs and comment back. I've actually never understood the purpose the various subscriptions serve. What puzzles me is why it's suppose to be a good thing to do? I mean even using a blog grader marks a blog down who doesn't have an email subscription thingy...which I only recently added to my blog...though it still is advising me to do it. So perhaps it's not working. Since you've brought this topic up, could I ask you to test it for me. I'm not really sure how this is suppose to work, since I've never subbed myself to anyone's blog, and just added the option to my blog for others. My then my next question...why if we're all striving for blog traffic, striving for people to spend time on our blogs, and not do the quick blow through, hoping for good page rank etc, why do we want people to subscribe? If one has the ability to read what you posted from their email box, then they don't visit your blog??? Or do they? I really am asking, because I don't get it.

Happy to get your insite on this, have a good day, and now I need more coffee before getting ready for work.


Guest said...

Hi Sandy,
You have raised some good supporting points especially the focus on lookinginot blogs rather than emails. To me sometimes email subscriptions feels like is a bt of a white elephant but it still lives on. I only have a few and only because I need updates on blogs that don't have a following faciility.
Take care