Monday, 17 August 2009

A Man Looking To Promote Business Development

A Man Looking To Promote Business DevelopmentI came across a website from this American chap called Doug Kaplan from Orlando. He is looking for people who he can work with on various projects that will make good business and business development. Now Doug has a wealth of experience in many fields and his success is quite impressive looking at his portfolio.

The reason I am telling you about this is that sometime if you have a great business idea or project that you know will work, you need some support or even a potential partner with expertise to make the venture work. Doug is there just for that.

I don’t suggest for one moment you should take my word for it, I’m just going on what I read on his site. Maybe someone has a need for his services and that’s why I’m writing about him. Whatever idea you have, Doug may well be able to advise. He’s keen and thrives on hard work, doesn’t that sound like you?

You can also see him on Facebook under which will give you more on the man being written about here.

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