Thursday, 20 August 2009

Are You A Non-Profit Making Business? - Look Here For Help

Are You A Non-Profit Making Business? - Look Here For HelpI have come across an organisation that is a more than useful helping enormously with support in planning most types of non-profit making based businesses. Amongst many other attributes what makes this organisation stand out from the crowd is that fact that they themselves are a non-profit making organisation and that means a service that gives good value for money.

National Executive Service Corps or nesc as they are known, are all experienced in the field of business planning they have no junior members on the team. Consultant’s only work on what they want to work on rather than on what they are assigned as in many other non profit organisations. This means that they will have a vested interest in the project they choose to work on. That makes a big difference and to be quite honest quite a distinctive to any contemporaries they may have.

NESC’s hallmark to their projects is to provide a professional based enthusiasm alongside patience to see an assignment through to a successful end. There will always be times where unexpected problems arise these are always resolved to a successful end with dedication and perseverance.

The fees NESC charge are very low and far more competitive than those asked by for-profit commercial consulting firms. Fees cover only about one-third of NESC’s employees and the operational cover expenses. The remainder is supplemented from charitable contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals.

The are nearly 300 consultants all of whom are experienced senior executives and professionals knowing the ins and outs of the benefits of nonprofit strategic planning and management in a non-profit making world of business. Over the last 30 years more than 3000 businesses have successfully been supported from NESC services.

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