Thursday, 27 August 2009

Make Ebooks They Are Not Just For Sale

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Given that there are so many blogs on the Internet and on an ever-increasing scale I do wonder why more ebooks are not made up from the material from them. Perhaps in this economical climate the thought of making a success of selling ebooks is daunting. If this is the reasoning behind the lack of ebook format from blogs material think again.

It cost nothing to make an ebook and you don’t have to sell them. Okay it does take time to compile bit if you already have a decent thematic blog, which would convert very well into an ebook then it shouldn’t take too long.

Let me explain why I say you don’t have to sell ebooks. Ebook are a resource that you can use as a carrot on the end of the line for you blog. You may want to run a little competition and have you ebook as a prize. You may even want to give away a free ebook for every comment made on you blog! It cost nothing to send someone an ebook online. This way your ebook is a valuable tool, which you can use to your advantage to gain more traffic on your blog. After all it was your blog that has made up the ebook in the first place you are just recycling old material in a different format.

What about other bloggers’ competitions, you can sponsor you ebook and get valuable back links; again with no cost.

You can turn you ebook into a real book if you wish but it is worth considering that to make it work on Amazon you need to pay for the copyright. is one of the best places to convert ebooks to real books.

So if you have a blog and you can roll some material into an ebook, what’s stopping you? It is a very useful commodity that you can use in conjunction with your current blogging.

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