Sunday, 2 August 2009

No Investment, No Business!

No Investment, No Business!Business cannot be made without investment that is a fact. You can’t make money from thin air and without wise placement of funds in to any business. So what if you are in a business and want more funding or are just starting and need the start up funds. There are many option bit one option many leave behind in looking for investors.

After friends and family the next stop is the banks, the loans companies for funds. Many think this route is the only one open, but think again. There are thousands of people and business out there that are looking to invest in businesses. They are prepared to put up finances in businesses that they think will give good returns. This might perhaps entail profit sharing or even a deal that involves a trade of shares for investment.

The alternatives to starving you business without investment can be catastrophic or new businesses just wouldn’t get off the ground. Where can you find these investors who are looking to support other businesses?

Investor Leads can give you a source of clients specifically looking for enterprises to invest in. All businesses are different and all investors are different, it is just a matter of finding the right match for you. Quite often this way of funding you business is much more effective an dmake much more business sense than finding funds from other sources who perhaps haven’t your business interests at heart.

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