Friday, 21 August 2009

PC Remote Control - For PC Users On The Go

PC Remote Control - For Computer Users On The GoI don’t know about you, but I use three or more places to access the Internet and do quite a bit of travelling in between where no access is available. Namely travelling between home, work and to the village farmhouse at weekends and this can be quite an inconvenience. Well if you have the same problem there is a system out that can resolve most of the inherent problems with people who are on the move all the time.

There is a new kind of program out which is basically a remote access software package. Under the trade name of InTouch it lets computer users have a remote control facility of their PC or laptop using any computer or Pocket PC with an Internet connection and browser. This works on a worldwide basis.

I have just picked a few of the prime examples on how this can be very useful to those who are not in a place where they have control over their PC systems. There is a simple drag and drop file transfer with remote printing to your local printer. You can use the remote system to open up you PC when you need access and also turn it off when you are finished. All date is based on a 128bit SSL encryption with the central administration of all computers installed from an easy to use web page by InTouch.

Add to this a remote audio to listen to music and sound facility and you have quite few features that you may not had thought possible before

This is a great solution for people on the go who always need access to their home or office computer and I’m one of them. The ease of set up which can be done in minutes is very straight forward and it will suit quite a few people even if you have no IT experience.
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