Thursday, 6 August 2009

Unemployed - Spend Time Blogging For Many Reasons

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Finding work is hard nowadays and those who have been laid off work have lots of time on their hands. Most no doubt will be getting some kind of benefit whilst off work to help with paying bills and for food. It is never enough though.

You can supplement your income by making use of your time between looking for work. Setting up a blog is good in many ways if you are unemployed. You can use it to promote yourself and your skills and use that as part of your CV when going for job interviews. If you have been seen to be working at improving yourself and doing something constructive with your time whilst out of work this will give a distinct advantage over someone else applying for the same job.

Competition is fierce and you have to make you are a step ahead of other competitors for the same work good way

So set up a blog on your subject of work, not only will it add to you portfolio for jobs interviews but also you will be effectively networking online with people who you’re your work vocation in common. The may well be the chance of you finding work form employers or contractors seeing your blog, especially is you make it clear you are looking for work. The benefits from setting up a blog to help you find work ever increases and the only cost is time, which you should have anyway.

Finally, even if you still don’t find work you will also be supplementing your household income; it will never be enough to affect the benefits you get so no worries there, but every once in a while you may be able to pay for a little treat for yourself and family with this.

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sandy said...

I'm not sure I agree that blogging is a good way to make a future employee think you're working, or working at bettering yourself...unless you're going for a writing job of sorts. The thing I tend to hear from most folks is that they think we bloggers are playing around alot on the computer. I think it's probably a better idea to spend time writing resumes, applying for jobs in person, on the phone, and the internet vs spending time blogging.

Good luck with the job search, hope things go well for you. If you're on vacation (you say you're away), hope your travels are safe and filled with fun.