Tuesday, 20 November 2018

A Shoe Box and a Stick Equals Dosh

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If you are desperate for money there are things you can do to earn even if you have no assets or possessions.
Living in Bulgaria has taught me a lot about survival and ways to get by on next to nothing. One of the things I saw was so simple but effective to reap in enough dosh for a meal.

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Simply get hold of a shoe although any strong cardboard box would do and a stick. the box is the drum and the stick is the beater. (Two sticks would be more constructive in performance.)  Find yourself a place where many people pass and start beating the box rhythmically.

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There are many people who beg just by sitting on the pavement with a note asking for donations. This is not begging, but getting reward for entertaining. Also the more you perform the better you get. You don't have possess any musical talents to become proficient in hitting out a beat. You can also add different sized boxes and have an array of drums or upgrade using different sized plastic or metal buckets.

You may think this is not a very good idea and wouldn't pay well. Think again, this pays out far in excess of any online Pay Per Click or Surveys conducted. You just have to step outside and do it.

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