Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Do You Like Online Puzzles - Why Not Earn From That?

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Do you or do you know folk who spend hours a day online with puzzle games and conundrums all to no avail. The only reward is satisfaction on success and frustration without. My partner is one of those people who used to do this.

Well, some might say this is a waste of time and they might be right, but if you add dosh as a reward for these activities then that would not be a waste of time.

What am I getting at?

It is very simple, there are places on the web that pay you for puzzling out things and investigating problems. It may not have the pretty flowers and exploding bombs en route, but the principles are exactly the same.

In my previous post I gave details of a company called ClixSense. Having worked with this company for a while now, I realised that some of the tasks are in fact similar to the objectives in online puzzles.

there are many other online site who do the same but ClixSense seems to be more consistent and have a good historical track record of business to clients online with a good support system and online community sharing ideas and news. In fact it is like an online working family.

So, if you do play games and puzzles online, give ClixSense a try and earn for pleasure. My partner now earns whilst problem solving and it pays so she is happy.
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You register for free and start by clicking on SIGN UP!

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