Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lemonade Stands But Not Necessarily Lemonade

Making money takes many forms but in the main it is a simple concept of simply giving goods or service for a fee that bring you some profit out of it. This is how the money world goes round since time began and not much has changed throughout that time.

Usually the simplest business is the most effective and this is where this particular idea may well appeal to many, especially now the summer season is more or less in progress. Lemonade stands may sound rather American and old fashion, but over the decades it never fails to be a success. There are three reasons behind this.

  1. In hot weather people want a cold refreshing drink
  2. The outlay and stock of the business is cheap and with no real financial risk, (lemonade has a long shelf life)
  3. You will always make a profit if you undercut retail/shop prices of goods

There are two important points to make the most of the potential profits, location and weather. You may think that summer is the only time this business can make money, but you'd be wrong. Hot beverages can be just as popular in the winter as cold drink in the summer.

The most convenience place to set up this type of business is at a local community fair, or sale if you can get permission or even as a mobile service is a tray can be made like those old fashioned popcorn and nut sellers in the cinema.

Having a variety of drink is also going to widen you market, coca cola is always going to be a popular choice for many but you may want to also have pepsi as well. Make sure the prices are slightly lower than the local shops sell them for and give a straw with each drink as a bonus.

With regular runs you will get to know your market and they will get to know you, don't forget to enjoy their drink, tell their friends and call again. Service with a smile makes a big difference as well.


Sandy said...

Koolaide is what the kids used to sell. They'd charge 2 cents a glass, and make money selling a couple of pitchers of koolaide. But, that was when Mom's were home, people walked and the mailman would buy some, as would other delivery people.

Now days, kids do very little of the work. Charge $1.00 or too and hold up signs as cars whiz pass. Just not the same.

redkathy said...

Very inspiring and interesting article you have posted.