Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Horse Racing Betting - Good Business?

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs.
Horse racing is said to be the sport of Kings and attracts the hierarchy of society at big meets, but it is also a sport for the pleb who might want to make a few bucks from betting. Although not my scene at all there are those in the know who make a good living from horse race betting.

The secret is all about information and form which takes time and effort. you can of course just get lucky but that is not a good business ethic. Experience and calculating betting is the only way to make a success of this form of money making enterprise in the long term.

I never gamble on horse racing betting for the simple reason that I don't know anything about horses. I know a bit about donkeys as I used to own one, but pure breed racehorses is not an area I am familiar with. Goodness knows how much money I would have lost if gambling on a sport I know nothing about - there are of course millions of others who also know nothing but still put on a horse racing bet often!

The Dosh for U advice here for horse race betting is simply not to bother betting at all unless you read up, study and know the true odds. It is only the select few who do this who make a decent living out of it.
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