Monday, 19 January 2009

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof Business

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessJust think to yourself, have you ever been to a hairdressing saloon and had to wait without an appointment? If you have you are lucky, why is that so? Quite simply because it is a failsafe business and there is a massive demand that almost anyone can take up subject to a little training. Recession or not, everyone needs their hair cut, coloured or styled, there will never be a recession in hairdressing. The investment you lay out for that training is should be recouped within a few weeks or few months working as a mobile hairdresser, beyond that it's mainly profit all the way.

There are course you can take all around the country with many training done either privately, in further education centres, in house training (in hairdressing saloons themselves) etc. NVQ qualification is normally gained alongside, it doesn't take that long to obtain if you do the course full time. You can of course carry on working and take the course part-time, this will take longer and gives you an opportunity to change careers if you need to earn while it is on course.

The work that awaits you when you walk out with that hairdressing qualification is extensive. You can walk straight into a job in a hairdressing saloon or take other options such as setting up your own saloon. For many though the thought eventually must be to have your own hairdressing business and there is one option that stands out from the rest in profits and minimal overheads, the mobile hairdresser!

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessMost mobile hairdressers as well as having their own hairdressing kit and car that they carry around with them also have a space at home that can facilitate more business. This combination more or less guarantees work full time if you put the time and effort in advertising your skills locally.

Any business needs marketing and mobile hairdressing is no exception. Promote yourself to your friends, family, local press, local shops and place card on the supermarket ads board. Start your own business blog or website and even contacting existing hairdressing saloons locally, they may offer you freelance work in peak times. You business can't really fail if you take the proper steps in marketing and sourcing business.

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessSo if you want to get on and run your own business, there is mobile hairdressing, a superb opportunity to get into running your own business without being a slave to any boss with work always there if you look for it.

A couple of training course sites to give you a guide on the types of courses that are available:

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Tierra M Wilson said...

What an interesting article. I actually purchased an awesome pair of professional shears from Salon Hive and have been experimenting with them. They're even made of titanium.

The site also has some tutorial videos.