Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is Essential

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is EssentialBusinesses sometimes need credit to start off, expand or get through difficult times such as right now in this worldwide financial recession. In order to get the cheapest and most competitive loans and credit depends very much on your personal credit score. The better your credit score the cheaper it is to get credit for your business - this is a financial fact.

Do you know where you stand with your credit rating? Many don't and don't actually find out until it is too late. Many will apply for a loan and get it refused or offered ridiculous high rates of interest, as the lender will check your credit rating before the applier. Don't let this happen to you.

There are a lot of scams out there that claim they will get a credit report for free, but what is free and what is not free is in many cases a hazy claim.

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is EssentialGetting your totally free credit report along with your free credit score is easy online. You can now see your own credit report within 5 minutes and it is free. Simply sign up online then call 1-800-452-2541 to cancel within 30 days. There is a promise to get all information that you need and indeed for you to print out so you have a hard copy for reference of your running credit score. Many other companies just don't make it that easy to cancel, this company does.

For any business it is essential that you know your credit rating and you can work from that know that everything is in order or take action to improve you credit standing. It makes sense for you and your business. Don't wait until you need credit to find out - it may be a very expensive business if you do.

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