Friday, 2 January 2009

Directory Listing Sites - Once Set Up Relax

Directory Listing Sites - Once Set Up RelaxThere are many ways to make money with a website ,but one of the easiest is by setting up a directory listing website. As with all websites you have many choices of sites types to choose from. You can start from scratch or get a site that is already designed on a directory format ready to go. It very much depends on whether you want to put your own work in to start with before it is ready to take on site listings.

You can also choose a general directory for all types of sites or choose genre in which to work in, i.e. food and drink, travel, business, photographic sites etc. It is very much up to you which way to go on this but you must be quite clear on this before you start as it will be difficult to change once you have got it going.

The whole idea behind this type of moneymaking scheme is to create a directory and charge suppliers to be listed. It is usually done in two ways. One is to simply list and charge for every application or you can list every site for free and charge for an enhanced listing. Again both system has its good and bad points, it is just a matter of you deciding which you feel happier with bearing in mind that listing every applicant will take up a little more time to administer.

The secret like any other site is to get people to visit your site. No traffic, no business and there again is another choice you have to make whether to work really hard at promoting your site or pay for third parties to promote it. Either way the amount you earn on the submitted fees from sites is commensurate to traffic coming onto your site.

The beauty of directory listing is that once it is set up and running, there is not much involved in terms of keeping it ticking over other than processing applications and general, tweaking and updating. As long as your traffic continues to stream in you will have an earning site for very little work involved.

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