Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Save Money - Buy Eye Glasses Online

I wear glasses and living in Bulgaria it is difficult to get a decent pair of glasses, somehow the fashion here is not quite up to western standards just yet. I've considered laser treatment, but that's far too expensive and risky just now. I have also tried contact lenses and fond that I just don't get on with them, I wish I could. So I'm stuck with glasses, which is not all bad news as I quite like wearing them, it give my bland face some character and of course easy to manage giving me eye protection as well.

Buying glasses from an optician shop is always difficult for me, I just never feel quite aggrieved that I am paying high street prices, even with discount opticians stores (there aren't any in Bulgaria) they are still very expensive. So what other options are there?

Online business seems to cater for most things nowadays and buying glasses is now a business that is firmly established online. I have always bought new glasses online since being an expatriate in Bulgaria, not just from being the only option open to me but the best option. Even if I was still in the UK, I would still purchase my glasses online not just my presription glasses but holiday glasses, sunglasses and sportwear glasses, it is so much easier and cheaper this way.

Such a firm is Zeni Optical from your own optical prescription; you chose a frame from a massive selection, including the lens and materials used. There are firm guarantees with a efficient repair and return service included if needed. This company of course does not restrict glasses for customers with impaired vision, but specialise in Holiday frames as well as goggles and many other fashion frame sets.

Save Money - Buy Eye Glasses OnlineMy own choice was made only a few months ago I chose a metal alloy stainless steel half rim frame and it only cost me $8! And that was inclusive of the lenses. I could have got 80% polarised sunshade for a little extra, but that will wait until summer now with another pair that will be ordered. This is something like only 20% less that the cost of a frame and lens from a high street optician. I just couldn't live with myself paying that nowadays. The worry about the cost of a new pair of glasses now is the least of my worries, for the cost of a meal out in a restaurant will more than cover the cost of new eyewear right now.

So, the bottom line is, why pay lots of money for quality eye wear when there is a better option out there to buy online. You don't need your eyes tested to see it makes sense.

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