Saturday, 20 December 2008

Car Boot Sales - Business for Big Profits

Car Boot Sales - Business for Big ProfitsIt's been around for a number of years now and still as popular as ever. It has even had extensive coverage as a popular programme on TV with millions of viewers glued watching this fascinating hobby and business - Yes, it's the Car Boot Sale.

These events where there is so much interest are organised as charity or commercial enterprise up and down the country throughout the year at all types of locations. There is always one near to where you live.

People make a living out of car boot sale by just working a couple of days a week. It is an activity that basically sells junk with enormous profits involved. You can sell almost anything at a car boot sale it is a bit like an al fresco eBay.

If you are new to all this a car boot sale is an excellent way to learn all about market trading and get paid for your education in the process. Many that start have actually gone onto bigger things such as a market trader; others just carry on quite happily earning more than enough to keep them content. An excellent way to start off in this business is to simple book your car in a few upcoming car boot sale events. these will be publicised in local newspapers, shop windows or online. The price of the entry fee is an absolute bargain in most cases rarely exceeding £10. With the profits you will get this is a drop in the ocean as far as overheads go.

You need stock for a car boot sale and if you have any business sense this should cost you nothing. Gather all your household junk and take it along with you to sell, these items will sell fast. Ask family, friends and neighbours for their junk. Most people you ask will have meat to get rid of their junk for ages, and the opportunity wold be more than welcome. They also usually won't ask any money to be paid for it either as you are the one doing them the favour.

Other sources of junk can be bought from 'job lots' in second hand shops. Local household auctions are also something to look out for.

Wholesalers who specialise in supplying market traders is another source where good stock can be bought really cheaply. the things that sell well are home made items, food, crafts, paintings and drawings, books, old records and toys always attracted plot of interest and good profits.

Car Boot Sales - Business for Big ProfitsThe selling price of your goods will be profit most of the time and most things will sell well at car boot sales. Try to avoid clothing, this is a poor trade off, many people just don't buy clothing so they will rarely sell well.

People like rummaging so put multiple items into boxes, this also help in your transportation. If you mark each box at a price then put all items at that price in the box, this will also save you having to mark the items individually.

All prices should be marked up little higher than you would expect, then if someone barters you can still accept the lower price and still make a good profit. most will accept the marked price anyway so this is not a worry. What ever you do don't give anything away, it will always sell eventually to another customer, No skills are involved or special selling techniques required for a car boot sale. The junk should sell itself.

Finally remember, your overheads this is an excellent income. A couple of car boot sales a week under your belt and you will be counting in up to £200 each week a little more and this will be a full time wage doing part time hours!

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