Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Car Hire Business on the Cheap

A Car Hire Business on the CheapA Car Hire Business on the CheapThere is always a demand for hiring cars and there are many reason behind it. From someone who want a car to drive whilst their own car in being serviced or repaired to someone who is over on holiday and wants transport for a week or so. The beauty is many customers who want to hire a car, don't always want the elite global companies that charge the earth, they just want a vehicle that gets them from A to B on a budget. This is where you can come in.

Nowadays you can pick up absolute bargains in car deals, especially with the credit crunch upon us, a car that is say 10 years old and still in fairly good condition is commonplace. If you hunt around a bit on the Internet, car ad magazines such as the Exchange and Mart and other advertising mediums a couple of hundred quid would see you through to owning a car that can earn money for you. With this it could just one week of hiring out that car and would pay back that initial investment, beyond this, the rest is profit bar regular servicing and maintenance road tax and insurance.

You will have to make sure that insurance you get covers any other driver and under a hire term, but again, the value of the car will bring your insurance rate down to the minimum. If the car is serviced regularly getting through an MOT is not a problem and will of course be funded from the money you get hiring the car out.

It is good advice to go for a Japanese make of car, these last the test of time and the parts are easy and cheap to get. Makes such as a Nissan or Datsun are well known for being a good runner for year upon years.

If you single car hire business is running well, why restrict yourself to one car, for a thousand pounds you could have three or four cars that you can hire out. The only addition would be a parking area for them.

The main area of making this a successful business is getting customers; this should be your main focus in the first instance. Word of mouth, dropping business cards everywhere, Internet advertising as well as all the usual places such as shop windows and local press. In fact the local press should be you first port of call as this gets immediate business from relatively little cost.

When you do get customers, load them up with business cards to give out, referrals is another way of getting customer traffic to call you as well as repeat business with the cards on that person.

The best part of this type of business is that if the car does eventually 'run out of steam' it wasn't a big investment in the first place. In addition to this there is a surprise bonus, as you can probably get your investment back from selling it for scrap! All in all, you can't really go wrong.

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