Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ask Your Children for Computer Advice

Ask Your Children for Computer AdviceWhen I started using computers I was doing teacher training through the Open University. Prior to the starting course all students were issued with free Mac Computers use for the duration of the course, the course lasted two years. We had Internet connection and were allowed to use the system for private use. This was the first time I had had a computer to myself and learnt quite quickly how to use it and get the most out of the programs that were resident on the machine.

Already lots of money making ideas were about on the computers many based around the games genre as this was the in things for kids right now. Computer games were now the most popular pastime at home for children.

Many essays, dissertations, assessments and planning was done on this computer that I felt now quite at home with. It wasn’t all work though; I used to download mac games for my kids to play. Nowdays you can dowload iphone games andmore up-to-date mac games. Many an evening they would beg me to let them on the computer and play. How could I refuse especially as they taught me more about using the mac than I could learn myself? Why are your kids always better than you at computer games?

Ask Your Children for Computer AdviceTo cut a long story short I was lost without that mac computer when my course ended and it had to be returned to the Open University. Nowadays I use a Windows based PC but my kids who are adults now use mac computers and still download and play games. One actually makes a living running an Internet business, but play games in between his working schedule.

If you want to run a computer Internet business, listen to the kids, they don’t just play games but know far more that you think about the technical side of computers. If you are an old hat like me you need all the help you can get, even tips on playing the games.

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