Thursday, 29 January 2009

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?Whether you are an individual or a business it makes sense to look a gift horse in the mouth. Here is one occasion that you should seriously consider. After all, how long does it take you to earn £200? A day, two days, a week - longer? Well you can make up to £200 just by switching bank accounts.

First Direct is the bank in question. To promote it's customer service, which they rate at the best of all the banks, it’s giving new customers £100 initially. Then if the newly recruited bank customers aren't satisfied with First Direct a further £100 will be given after the initial six months banking with them.

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?I must admit First Direct has always had a good press so just for the £100 to switch account is worth a shout. there are conditions attached of course. You have to deposit at least £1,500 into your Fist Direct account every month. You need to check out which account is best for you. To get free banking you need to have a holding of £1500 in your account for the duration. Fair do, to pay for your banking it would certainly exceed the interest you will get for this amount, in First Direct's book there is a £10 monthly fee otherwise.

I'm not meant to say this, but you can go through the motions, claim that the bank isn't for you and gather the other £100 on the way out. Seeing as this is all done online it may be worth pursuing - that it of course if you have £1500+ coming in each month.

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