Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy Money

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyDo you have a greenhouse, a windowed garage or some spare space with natural light as protection from the winter weather? If you do that space can be used to earn you money. The business is growing plants from cuttings, you can reap the benefits a few months on and over 90% of this will be profit.

If you are just starting I suggest you try this on a small scale and build up from that. A good number to start with is 20 to 50 cuttings. You need to decide what plants you are to propagate. My advice to beginners would be to take the most common and easy to grow plant initially and experiment after you have successfully grown and sold your first batch.

The best beginners plant is the spider plant and this is what this post goes on to explain. Many home have them and they are the easiest to grow as they automatically produce 'little' spider plants for you to pick off and put in pots. You can't fail to propagate these plants successfully. What's more, they are one of the best selling houseplant, so no worries about sales afterwards.

All you need are some plastic pots, some potting compost, a tray to put the pots on and a well-ventilated frost free area where there is natural light - not direct sunlight.

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyYou can get cutting from the spider plant free from friends and family who might have these plants that readily sprout the cutting. Or you can buy a few mature plants and wait a couple of months for the cuttings. Even hairdressers, dentists, doctor's surgeries along with many other shops have these plants sitting around, you can ask them if they want a free pruning service, most will be glad for you to do this.

Simply place the pots in the tray and top the pots up with compost firming it down, not too firm though. Then pour water into each pot so it is soaked and leave it overnight. The next day poke finger in the centre of the compost to a depth of around 3 cm, place the cutting into the hole made and firm the damp compost around the base of the plant. It is as simple as that.

You need to now let the plants establish their rooting system over the next few months before you start selling them. The only work you need to do now is to make sure they don't dry out. The tip is to water just before is dries out; this of course depends on the environmental climate.

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyYou now have spider plants ready for sale. Have a look at the cost in garden centres and undercut them, you will get your money back on the cost of pots and compost after selling just a couple.

Car boot sales are the best place to sell these, perhaps selling wholesale to other carbooters for them to sell on is a great way to make a quick profitable catch with the least amount of work involved.

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Shelly said...

Intersting article. I have hundreds of spider plants that started from a couple of pots hanging in a tree in my backyard. I went up north for the summer and when I came home, they shot out runners that hit the ground and they've been propagating ever since.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Spider plants are the easiest plants to propagate, the plant does all the hard work!