Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of Traps

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of TrapsIn the main doing surveys just just isn't worth the effort, there are many scams, traps and false promises. However there are a few survey companies online that have proved to be viable money making schemes. You'll never make a fortune, but a few bucks at the end of the month to supplement your income is pretty useful, especially when money is tight right now.

The main things to look for in online survey companies are not up front fees. If they request money or a deposit for you to register or join up, you know for sure that this is going to be a scam and you should discount them straight away. Don't give up you time or money on these companies. The whole point of working for these survey companies is for them to pay you for doing surveys. Why do they ask for money before you start when this will be paid back after your first paid survey? It just doesn't make sense, well it does make sense to them, it is a money making scam.

The other thing to look out for are companies that you register with and then the waiting game begins. Week after week goes by and still no survey has been offered to you. You can wait forever with some companies depending on where you live and what your status is. The secret is not to just apply to one company. The more you join the more chance there is of getting a survey commission. After all you can always refuse to do surveys if you are lucky enough to find that the work get too much for you.

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of TrapsThe amount of money you get for surveys also varies greatly. Don't forget how much time you spend doing surveys, on many occasions this will fall below the minimum wage level. Don't undervalue yourself and also remind yourself that if you work at these 'sweat shop' rates these companies will continue to offer at these low rates. You are effectively shooting yourself in the foot; It is a simple case of supply and demand.

Finally, make sure you keep the survey company you find that works well for you a secret. If you spread the word to others with publicly announcing your find, you will get others to join and take work off you. People making good money online don't advertise their success as you should well understand.

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