Monday, 5 January 2009

100% Profit From Renting Out Private Parking Spaces

100% Profit From Renting Out Private Parking SpacesDo have a garage or parking space not use use and live in a built up area? If you do , there is money waiting to be earned.

This is really quite easy and thousands of people are just letting money go by the wayside by not doing anything about it. If you don’t use your drive during the day then you can have your drive or garage earning money for you at home while you are at work.

Getting a client to pay for you parking space or garage is really quite easy. You have a space that is in demand and there will be people looking for parking spaces so take look in the local press under 'wanted'. You may have business just waiting for you there.

A free ad in the local supermarket, business people often pop in there to by there lunch or shop before driving home. It only take a minute for the ad to be placed, make sure it stands out from the crowd of cards displayed by putting a coloured border around the card.

Put a poster, sign or banner on a wall or on your garage door where it can be seen by people driving pass. This is probably the most effective from of getting business as it will be seen by drivers, probably driving slowly past looking for a parking space anyway. Make sure it is big enough and proud enough to be read from a distance.

Word of mouth, you must have businesses nearby, pop into each business and tell them you have a parking space to let, if they don't want it they may know someone else who does. Don't be scared of showing your face and letting people know about it on a one to one basis. Again, this is a very effective way of getting business.

You may wish to pay for advertising, this then opens many doors to attract business and the money invested will probably be repaid in the first week of someone renting your parking space. Good business sense at the end of the day.

So, how much can you earn? More than you think, just look at local parking fees in your town and work it out from there. Don't just sit on a gold mine, make it work for you, not overheads, 100% profit what other businesses offers that?


Finally, if you don’t have a parking space of garage to let, but you know someone who does, you could earn £20 just for recommending them. Check this site out - Rent your Drive

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