Monday, 10 November 2008

Money From What You Are Good At

Everyone is good at something, that is what I have been told and that is what I believe. Even if you don't know yourself, someone who knows you will know; ask them.

This being the case everyone can make some money from something they are good at. It can be anything from football to sewing, from mathematics to juggling. No matter what you are good at you can do something with it to make a little (or big) extra.

Let's take the person who is good at football. There are many opportunities for this particular skill from actually being paid to play, paid to coach other footballers, set up and managing their own football club; it doesn't take much to do that if you can get a decent sponsor behind you.

Apart from the physical activity behind playing, managing and coaching football, there is the massive demand for the written and spoken word about football. This can be from simple match reports for a local papers or radio stations written to blogs and books about football - these are all potential earners.

Then there are the sidelines of football, selling kits, old football programmes, signed photographs, memorabilia etc. You don't even need to be skilful on the pitch to take this business on. It is big business online now and serious profits made if you are in the right place at the right time.

Form a football supporters' club and advertise through selling hardcopy newsletters to members or a website about the club and advertise on that for revenue. You can contact all the professional football clubs and ask for their support in setting up a local supporters' club in a different area than the team, i.e. Exeter City supporters' club in Aberdeen, you will be surprised how many interested parties you will get, just the idea will gain support locally if an article is written about it being set up in a local paper. This is what local newspapers are all about anyway.

So, if you are good at something, just take that and use it to earn yourself some money. It just needs to be thought through, planned and executed. Besides, if you are good at something you decide to take up as a small money making venture, what are you scared of, you are better than most around you at it; one could even call you the maestro in you field and you will be looked up to with that.


humanobserver said...

Hardwork+luck=Money, I believe

Economic analyst said...

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Bruno LoGreco said...

excellent article! I totally agree. anybody could create a business from the tacit knowledge.

Be back soon for sure!