Thursday, 27 November 2008

Getting Rewarded for Blogging - Why Not?

Blogging is a passion of mine, I really couldn't live without it. Many a day I sit here typing away thinking, God I wish I could afford to do this all the time. A pipe dream, maybe so, but there are many ways in which a little income can be made from blogging, it is just a case of choosing which is right for you.

The thought of getting paid to blog sometimes fills my head with lingering doubts about whether it would be enjoyed as much as writing blogs without being directed. I suppose it is a case of choosing whom you and what want to write about when doing it under contract. There are hundred of advertisers out there and many have products or services you approve of. With the aid of Internet sites for resources to draw upon, you will never be short of information to write about. Many of my resourced information covering most areas is extracted from, I feel that many facts I write about would not be there without this free aid.

In my case some of my blogs actually promote goods and services without being paid or commissioned to do so. I am actually advertising for these companies for nothing other than on the basis that it is my humble valued opinion that I want to express to a public that wants to know. It may be a positive of a negative aspect but I want to write about it anyway.

So what the difference in writing blogs just for pleasure and getting paid to blog? At the end of the day I will still be the boss and choose to write or not to write about goods and services that I see fit to report on. On that principle and as long it stays that way I think I will take it up.

There are many sites that offer payment for a blog to be written from advertisers. One in particular that I had just heard about. It was actually from a blogging friend who had been using them for a while and she was more than happy with the service. If you would care to check out our blog located at: please do.In addition, their creation fee is 50% less than their competitors, which is another good reason to join up.

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humanobserver said...

Wow....quite informative, but to be honest, I do blog as it has become my passion...Not inclined to make quick bucks....

chubskulit said...

congrats for being a member of paying post.....