Friday, 28 November 2008

Internet Research - Getting Paid to Surf

Internet Research - Getting Paid to SurfThe Internet has a wealth of information for all to use and many companies want certain that information and are willing to pay people to find it. There is work out the for Internet researchers who will be assigned jobs of researching via the Internet on a wide range of genres, topics or questions.

The Internet is taken for granted by many nowadays, but there are still many people who aren't familiar with it or are too busy to spend time on it. There’s a gap in the market for those who have a facility to extract information from a web search. You simple put yourself out to hire as in Internet researcher for people like solicitors or authors and you get paid for it.

An example of a company that does this is AQA 63336 they answer thousands of questions for clients every day by using Internet researchers and pay for every question researchers find. I actually worked for them in the UK a few years ago and found they are an up front and honest set up. Their services however they don't cater for Bulgaria where I live now so I had to drop them. You need to be fluent in English and have good writing skills and they will give you a short test before considering you.

Internet Research - Getting Paid to SurfMost research work is on a self-employed basis and like ASA may involve some form or trial or test for you to secure a contract. It does take a little knowledge тo become a good researcher, а little knowledge on how to get into archives that aren't accessible through normal search engines is something you have to learn. Most decent companies contracting you will give an in house guide or a little training on strategies that can be used. Or you can take up an online training course yourself before you apply for work, this will give you a head start and enhance any testing you will have to go through.

The field of Internet research is very diverse but there will always work out there as it involves time, which is what you are getting be paid for. The average pay is around 10 pounds an hour

Make note and be warned though, there are some companies or individuals masquerading as legitimate companies that are recruiting that ask for money up front for training or setting you up. Just don't entertain these companies. There is no reason at all for you having to pay to get work, it should be the other way round, so don't drawn in by the hype and subsequently get conned.

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