Sunday, 6 June 2010

How To Earn Money By Doing Nothing - Huh!

How many of you really believe that you will make money by doing absolutely nothing? Quite a few it seem by the very fact that many of these claims are followed up by people who do! How crazy are they?

First and foremost, if you see any claim that tells you you will get money for doing nothing, just don't believe a word of it. In this competitive world, especially online money making, nothing is free. Nothing is given away without a profit made by people along the line and by no means least, no one earns money online by doing nothing. On the contrary, people earn little money by doing lots and that is the case!

If an ad tells you that you can earn a little money by spending all day online there will still be many takers, so why don't they just tell the truth in the first instance? Quite simply there are too many people whose greed and stupidity lead them to fall for the scams that remain online purely for their benefit.

how many times have genuine and honest bloggers been giving this advice out? Too long, some people are just blind to their false dream of get rich quick methods that just aren't around.

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