Friday, 24 October 2008

Making Paper Bricks for Savings and Earnings

Making Paper Bricks for Savings and EarningsMaking money is something we all want to do but the is a balance to be made. Saving money is just as important as making money. With this idea you have the best of both worlds. You willbe saving money and making money at the same time. Also the added bonus is you will be helping the environment by making use of waste products.

The idea is simply making woodburning bricks from paper. The only outlay you need fork out on is a paper brick compresser, which can be bought for around £10 - £25! That's it, the rest is just collecting or getting everyone's local wastepaper and turning it into your own heat and saving on electric, gas or coal/wood bills or making a bit by selling them to others who have woodburning systems.

This innovative system is something I used to do in England and it faired very well in supplimenting my fuel bills but didn't take advantage of selling to others. Now in Bulgaria, I still use this system but paper is at a premium in Bulgaria as most Bulgarians hang onto their own waste paper for exactly the same reason.

A description of a typical system brick making system from waste paper is given as follow:

Environmentally friendly logmakers enable you to recycle your waste paper into fuel. Logs will burn as well as wood for up to an hour at a controlled rate in a fire grate or woodburning stove. Help conserve forests, reduce landfill and save on heating costs by using newspaper, junk mail, shredded paper, cardboard, wood chippings, and wrapping paper as fuel.

Making Paper Bricks for Savings and EarningsIf you have a storage space such as a shed or a covered 'lean to' area, you can build up your stores during the year and they should dry out from a few weeks to a few months depending on the season. Imagine how much you can save by using these instead of coal or wood! Imagine how much you could get per kilo if you conpare it to coal and wood prices. There is a handsome profit to be made out of this for such as small investment.

It is so easy I don't know why more people aren't doing it.