Friday, 17 October 2008

Write a Diary and Earn From It

Write a Diary and Earn From ItIt is strange looking back at how many ways there is to earn money on the Internet. I only wish I knew then what I knew now and save a year or so looking at so much rubbish that is talked about earning money online.

I used to keep a diary on a regular basis, this was not a money making scheme just a hobby although at the time it was quite an obsession. Never in a million years did I think this could make me money, and then it suddenly came to me in a flash. People wanted to read what I had written.

Write a Diary and Earn From ItCan I just say that I am no great author, not particularly intelligent, certainly not in the academic genre. In fact to make things worse I have mild dyslexia, which make it even harder to understand why so many people want to read my accounts littered with hundreds of spelling and grammar mistakes abound. But they do!

Going back, it was only after I wrote a blog for an Internet site and got feedback from the demand for the diary to be read. The article wasn't written for any other reason other than someone asking me to contribute to their website, that was the start.

From then on the writing carried on and my old diaries now are like money sitting in the bank. Dont' get me wrong, there is no millions of pounds due from it, maybe a couple of quid a week or more if I'm lucky, but it's extra dosh all the same. Nothing has changed other than the diaries are to be published in the form of a blog.

Write a Diary and Earn From ItYou don't need talent or have written something already as you can start a diary right now. Firstly, get a free blog going, that will take you ten minutes (blogger, wordpress etc.) and just update it every so often. It costs absolutely nothing other than you Internet connection and a very little time. You can even fit it into your luchtime at work if they give you Internet access!

Keep the diary going for a few months then you can get Google ads on your site, again, this costs absolutely nothing. This can lead to other individuals and companies seeing you site and wanting to put ads on. It you do just that you will make a little money, but if you work hard on networking, swapping links and comments and getting your site known you will get more traffic and more money. It is as easy as that and still costs nothing.

Write a Diary and Earn From ItI haven’t covered every aspect of making money online but am just showing one simple way of getting started. Most bloggers aren't greedy people and do it for the love of blogging (or diary writing to a public that want to read them). The extra dosh is a bonus to most, but then there are others who blog to make a living which is their provocative of course.

If I can do it and I am dyslexic then anyone can do it. (online spell checks help to a degree).

Finally, can I mention that it doesn't have to be a diary, but could be a picture blog, a hobby blog, a pet blog (many of those around). It can even be a complete and utter nonsense blog (they somehow get the most traffic!) What are you waiting for?

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