Friday, 5 June 2009

Who'd Be A Nurse?

Who's Be A Nurse?

Who'd be a nurse in the UK with the poor pay they get? Well, I could have kicked myself for not taking up an offer to become a nurse when I was younger, but I wouldn't have worked in the UK, I'd have gone abroad where nurses are more appredcaited. It was always a dream of working in hospitals helping the ill, even though I was a male, the attraction of the job and all it entailed was always there and still remains. But now beyond 50 years old, perhaps I have to let it go.

I have a few friends who are nurses; they took it up and followed it through when I chose not to. They work in different countries, one in Iraq another in the Germany and one in Bulgaria. They certainly get to travel and the pay is very good in Iraq and Germany, but in Bulgaria the pay is horrendously low. She does it for the love of the job and the fact that she is a Bulgarian national and feels it is a duty to serve her own country. She did have offers abroad because she can speak English but decided to stay at home.

It is often asked where are the best places to be a nurse and the answer is always hard to find. There are publications that can give advice on the best places and one in particular that gives tips on the nursing vocation such as in style scrubs and interview tips for nurses. This is valuable information for those who wish to take up new post.

In the meantime I don’t get to see my nurse friends that often as their work is very time consuming and takes over their lives. I do admire them for the work they do and I know that even though the pay is good, they deserve more.

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