Sunday, 20 December 2009

Make Money On Unwanted Goods

Make Money On Unwanted Goods

Quite often we have things in the house that have no use to you at all. For example, an old electric liquidizer, a broken digital camera, a box of designer shoes that are too small and unworn. Now there is a moneymaking option you can take with these, but with a little though behind it.

Some item that you no longer use may in the main be used, these generally will devalue in value as time goes on. On the other hand, there may be items that are brand new still boxed unopened, many of these will increase in value over an extended period becoming collectors’ items. It is here where the decision to make money on them now or wait for an increase in market value should be thought out.

The three things that I have and do not use, namely the liquidiser and broken camera are to be sold now, but the box of designer shoes will be held on for a few years as I’m sure they will increase in value as time walks on without them being worn. They are already ten years old and are effectively an investment. The used items will be sold on online auctions in Bulgaria where I live, as the postage will be too expensive for an eBay auction. I will get money for the sale and free up space in my small home here.

It is a simple case of finding things that have no use to you in the home, or even asking other family or friend to do the same with a commission for you on item that they might want to sell. It’s so easy nowadays to sell anything online as long as you don’t ask for too much or put a reserve that will not be reached.

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