Friday, 18 December 2009

A Reflection On Gambling As a Business

A Reflection On Gambling As a Business

I must point out that in recent posts there is reference to gambling as a way of making money. Those bloggers who know anything about blogging, and that is most of you, know that these posts were written for a reason. That reason is from a business stance, which is far safer than making money by gambling.

Gambling has a bad press and for good reason. It has been the ruin of countless people, usually those in desperate financial situations drawn in by desperation. It is this section of gambling public that the draw of promises to riches that I take offence with. One might say that these people might well have a bit more sense and their own financial demise is their own fault. I disagree, advertising and many outright lies about this so called lucrative business is to blame.

I stress again that gambling is a fools’ game to those who rely on it as a money making activity and the strongest advice possible it to say that you should only gamble money away that you can afford to lose. This is so true. I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone has money they can afford to lose in this time of recession. Having said that the gambling bandwagon is strong right now due to desperate people trying their hand at a quick fix to solve their financial problems. Gambling institutions are thriving on the misfortune of the struggling and most of their profits come from this sector of the public.

I’d go for a work based flutter on the Horse racing Grand National or the Derby but casinos just make me want to run away. It is the picture of profits for mafia management and the foolhardiness to those who choose this form of business.

There will be those who disagree, but are these people on the gambling forefront and already have a vested interest in it?

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