Thursday, 14 May 2009

Adgitize - More Traffic and Earnings For Little Work

Adgitize - More Traffic and Earnings For Little WorkThe more I look at Adgitize, the more impressed I am at the moneymaking and publicity it can get for bloggers. I have written about Adgitize before and am compelled to write again as I have now on the money trail as an advertiser with them.

I paid $14 for a month of advertising with Adgitize, which earns me 100 points a day. I blog each day and that earns me another 100 points. I will get clicks from other bloggers who see my ads on other blogger sites and that will roll in more point. And finally I check daily to see my point credit and if not quite up to the 300 point mark I just click on other Adgitize widgets at the same time as I drop on Entrecard to run to the 300 mark.

If I earn 300 points a day for a month my income will not only cover the £14 of advertising fees but go well beyond this figure giving a nice ripe bunch of dollars for very little work indeed. It is so easy and already after just three days being an advertiser my hits on my blog have gone from 20 to nearly 150 daily!

Anyone who is a blogger and haven’t joined Adgitize should seriously consider it as it is a guaranteed earner and one of the best out there. It far outweighs many other schemes and Ken Brown looks after their members very well indeed.

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Glynis said...

That was a reassuring read, I have just paid my $14 (earned from writing) to advertise. If I earn it back again, I will be thrilled. Thanks for the info.

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Glynis,
Just keep your daily clicks on wdget up to get over 300 points a day and you will make a profit. Good luck! :)

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Glynis,
Just make sure you get over that 300 points a day and you'll make a profit. Make up any shortage with clicks on Adgitize widgets on other sites. Good luck although you don't need it! :)