Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Make Money From Pets

Small, brindle-marked dog posed on table in studio

Pets are great, but did you know that you can make lots of money out of them and you don’t necessarily have to own one?

There are various way of earning money from pets let’s go through the options that are plentiful and abound here. Don’t forget, most people own pets ranging from a goldfish to a python. The basic requirement is the love of animals.

You can become a breeder specialising in pure breed animals that people are prepared to pay lots of money for. It needs a little investment obviously for housing and breeding stock. However once set up lots of money can be made this way. Once you are known in breeding circles there would not be that much advertising needed either.

Grooming animals is something that pet owners need and you could be earning up to £100 an hour depending on what services you offer. You will need to be qualified, but there are many animal-grooming courses throughout the country that you can take up and get certified. Be sure there is lots of work waiting for you once qualified. Just like hairdressers, hair and fur never stops growing so there will always be demand.

Walking dogs is another area where you can earn up to £20 an hour. You just need transport to get to the do and back home and this can be part of the fees that you charge your clients. A simple ad in local shops and local networking will get you business.

People go away on holiday but can’t or don’t want to take their pets. That’s another earner as a pet sitter. It is easy money but you need to ensure that you know the pets’ requirements. Many pet owners prefer a pet sitter rather than putting their pets in a home.

A pet taxi ins another area that you can make money from. A trip to the vet may be difficult for a pensioner or someone who hasn’t’ got the transport. I know it just sounds like a taxi service, but you don’t need a licence for this and if you advertise a specialist pet chauffer you will get the business. You obviously need to have the right type of transport though, but you will charge above normal taxi service rates.

One last point:
If you do take any of these opportunities, make sure you get at least third party insurance cover.

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Brenda Bunney said...

All great ideas for people who love animals to make money. I know several people who do make an income caring for pets in one way or another.