Friday, 29 May 2009

Don't Let Excessive Stress Ruin Your Business

Don't Let Excessive Stress Ruin Your BusinessWe all have stresses and a little stress is good for you, but at the other end of the scale too much stress is definitely something that should try to be avoided. There needs to be a balance between work and life, something that many people just ignore. With ignorance of the stressed out individuals eventually become incapable of working effectively and the business suffers.

How can you overcome getting too stressed out? A good starting point is to just sit back for one moment and look at yourself, if you can’t do it then get a trusted friend of one of your family to give their honest opinion on where they feel that you are under too much stress. They will know better than you and their valued opinion can then be taken as gospel and positive action can then be taken.

If the consensus is that you are over stressed then a good next step is to contact professional stress management professionals like the The Stress Institute who are there as a non-profit making organisation under the helm of Dr Kathleen Hall an expert and world renown authority on stress and work–life equilibrium. A program can be recommended to you to reduce and control the way you live giving your health a fighting chance in this tough world.

Business suffers if you do from the excesses of stress and without stress management and adjustments to your lifestyle it won’t only be your business that will suffer, but you and your family, which is far more important.
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Brenda Bunney said...

Stress is a huge issue today. With the economy, the war, and then just trying to juggle your busy schedule some stress is inevitable. You're right though, if the daily stress becomes too much we need to seek help.