Thursday, 1 October 2009

Advertising with the a Garage Sale Listing Service

Advertising with the a Garage Sale Listing Service

For your garage sale to be a successful one, you’ve got to make sure that you put in place all the necessary advertising requirements to reach all of the interested people. And one of these advertising mediums would be a listing service.

Here are examples of garage sale listing services you can utilize to make your garage sale a much anticipated one:

1. Local news paper listings. Your local newspaper will have a portion in it where you can place your ad or announcement for your upcoming garage sale. Important details like the date, the time, and the address where it is going to take place shouldn't be overlooked.

2. Magazine listings. Print magazines can also print your advertisement for you. Try to select a magazine which has a theme that comprises most of your items for sale. If for example, your items are composed mostly of antiques and furniture, try to advertise with a magazine within that premise.

3. Newsletter listings. There are certain newspapers that would gladly carry your print ad along. Try to check out which companies gives out newsletters within your area so that you can get to as many people as possible.

4. Internet listings. The internet is a very powerful tool. Not only you can advertise your garage sale for free, you can even upload your individual items, most probably the major ones. You can take a photo of your biggest and finest items and place them online. You are sure to get a lot of responses from interested buyers.

6. Radio Ad. Check out the radio stations servicing your area, especially the one that offers substantial discounts on event promotions and deals. Some stations can actually mention your garage sale on air for free. Or you can personally visit the radio station and promote your garage sale yourself.

5. Local TV ads. If you can afford it, why not buy air time for a short TV commercial for your garage sale? Usually, the shorter and the simpler the advertisement is, the lower the charge for it will be. Advertising with your local TV would only be advisable if you have high-ticket items, like electronics and furniture.

Advertising is really required if you intend to sell each and every item you've got in the garage sale. Think of a short, but attention-getting advertisement in each of the listing modes listed above. Your customers might even be asking when your next garage sale will be!

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