Monday, 26 October 2009

Web Directories - A Great Help To Blogging Authors

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...A Directory Not To Forget

Anyone who is into blogging and wants to make a success out of it must work on other aspects of blogging other than writing blogs. Blogs are surely written by authors to be read and unless you work on getting the message out that you have something to read. There is a simple step you can take in one area that will give your blog more credibility and more readers. It is not rocket science but will certainly help you blogs to reach out with more traffic.

Web directories have been around since the beginning of the wave of blogging, even before then with static websites. They have always had an important part to play in spreading the word to readers who use them as a search tool. Subscribing to web directories increases your links and decent web directories that have some clout in Google’s eyes will help towards building you a better PR.

There are many directories that are around that ask for money to be added, you don’t need to go for these is you are on a tight budget. To be quite honest many of the free web directory sites are just as good as some paid ones such as DMOZ which is one of the most effective although ti can take a few months to get excepted.

There are of course different genres of web directories specialising in certain fields and have much more of a targeted audience. If you have a niche blog then using a web directory specific to your blog theme is a very wise move not to be missed. The benefits are much more pronounced this way. My own blog is a business blog and I always look for a business web directory to add to at every opportunity.

Lastly, don’t forget the most obvious web directories such as the Yahoo directory, many bloggers miss this as it is too obvious, but probably the most important directory to be added to bar Google of course. Adding your site to directories may be boring work, but who said being a popular author was never going to be easy anyway. What do they say 1% inspiration 99% perspiration!
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