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Been Scammed? - Advice On Getting Back Your Money Back

Been Scammed - Advice On Getting Back Your Money Back

Have you been stung with an Internet scam? Have you lost money and tried all you can to get it back to no avail? There are thousands of scams currently running and no real way of them being stopped. The first advice is not to every get involved with them as the tell tale signs are too obvious, but not obvious enough for some.

If you take the following actions you may have more tor a chance of getting your money back from scams.

  • Put together and collate all the electronic transmissions and/or documentation between you and the scammer. Be sure to include all expenses made and that these can be verified. Store this information in secure place.
  • You should Contact Paypal any credit card company, bank or organisation that you purchase the product from.
  • Make a formal complaint with the site that advertised the item and save the contact and record any information you had given. Many will have step-by-step instructions for this such as eBay.
  • Don’t give up contacting the seller though email, with this the scammer will know that you are not going to rest until the matter is resolved. However don’t try to contact the person first hand or by phone as this could be dangerous and is hard to account and record.
  • You need to call your local law enforcement agency and the law enforcement agency overseeing the area of the scammer and file a report. That report will be filed.
  • Lastly don’t expect anything to happen quickly so you have to be patient. It could take months for an investigation to bring results, but you should more chance of getting your money back taking this course of action.
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