Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Earn Money From Sponsored Posts Forever

Earn Money From Sponsored Posts Forever

Want to write sponsored post commission and not let the penalties of Google finding out about it and degrading you losing many assignments? Read on.

Firstly, one of the best ways to get good a good Google and Alexia ranks is to simply write blogs daily. This keeps the spiders busy on your site and you will find that even with waiting dribble you can get a Google PR2 and Alexia sub 150,00 within three months. You now have a site that can earn from sponsored ads.

So with what I have just said you can start earning from Sponsored Post after a three month spell of blogging daily. A good tips to get this up and running so you don’t’ have to be on call every day is to post date posts. You can easily write up a couple in advance and still have your weekends free if you schedule them to be posted in advance.

The beauty with this is that you can have a succession of blogs in the pipeline so when Google penalise you for sponsored posts you will have more moving up to the grade of commissions to take over. If you have this provision in place you will never be without earnings due to low PR from Google. I’m sure many bloggers do this already, but if this is the first time your have heard about it, this might be a good tactic to take up.

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