Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Advertise On You Vehicle For Money

There is a great new and exciting way to make money if you own a vehicle or get valuable mobile exposure if you are an advertiser. I have always said this is a growing market and will be fully realised in the near future and I am right.
There is a new kid on the block who now has taken the bull by the horns and made this process very easy by being the hub of both vehicle owner and advertiser. You can simply put your vehicle to be listed on the new site and potential advertisers will call you put an advertisement on your vehicle for cash. Right now is a good time to use it as the service is completely free. This may change in the near future once a bank of 250 vehicles has been exceeded.

This idea has been around for ages so it is good to see someone is now making it work. The beauty is that running a car now could conceivably become very cheap indeed with the payment you receive for ads on your car. Lower my car payment with a Streetvertisement, this will really help especially if you have car finance to pay on a monthly basis or other arrangements to pay for you car..

The concept is so easy where drivers and advertisers to connect. Here’s a summary:
Drivers can list their vehicle and advertisers search for vehicles to advertise on. Then advertisers contact drivers to arrange ads and the drivers place ads on their vehicle. Finally as a driver with an ad on your vehicle the Advertiser will pay you every month.
I’m going to list up here myself!
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