Friday, 17 July 2009

Pay Per Post - Down And Down Each Week


Is anyone else finding that Pay Per Post is getting harder and harder to earn from? Each week the rates givewn for post get lower and lower. The norm is $1 per post or lower in the majority of tasks on offer. One year ago the minimum was nearer $5!

All jobs that are on offer at higher rate, and sometime there are, are taken up straight away. I don't seem to get a shout in on these ones at all!

It is good though that most fo the $1 or less jobs are not being taken up. We bloggers are worth more than that for our time, artistic prose and dedication to do a good ob for the advertiser. those who do take these little jobs with poor pay are just encouraging more low paid blog offers to be set up. So if you do think again please.

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Blogger Tips said...

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Neren said...

I agree with you.It sucks :-(